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Hey all! I'm Christina Jo, the gal behind the camera who is over the moon you are here! I am a Midwest photographer that grew up in Minnesota and fell in love with a North Dakotan 3rd generation farmer. We settled our roots in our small community Enderlin, ND where he grew up and I've invested my time in capturing memories and moments within it! We have 2 beautiful children that keep us on our toes and we can't even described how blessed we are!

My mission is to create and capture memories that exact replicates of how beautiful your life truly is! I love capturing moments that are candid and raw filled with the exact emotion of the day. I thrive in weddings and all things western! I've spent the last 10 years practicing my trade and generating images and a style that is unique from others. I have so MUCH passion for photography that keeps driving me to explore and challenge my limits.

When I'm not photographing I'm spending time with our family, Jesus or the animals and sometimes all of them at the same time. Obviously my passions align with all thing outdoors - Horseback riding, hunting, hiking all of these fill my soul cup. I love a good silk scarf and a hot cup of coffee.

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